About Us

Our environment is one of the most important issues we face today, conservation of the balance of nature is what everything else in life is based upon. It is this reason that EnvironmentOntario.com was created to help spread awareness and knowledge of the things we can do to help work towards a solution for eco-friendly living.

Operating out of the downtown of Toronto, Ontario. We started this EnvironmentOntario.com as a section within CanadianMusicArtists.com and it has now spawned big enough to need its own website. With many ideas brewing EnvironmentOntario.com will soon be a valuable resource for ecoliving and environmental issues.

We are not a charity and will not acept donations, but would ask instead that you donate to your favourite local charity or even better would be to find a way to cut down on your own eco footprint on our environment.

The future of this website is yet to be determined but we do know that we will offer as much valuable content for you as a reader as we can. If you have any ideas on how we can improve our site, interesting ideas on the environment of Ontario or something you would like to see featured please contact us.

These issues are not something we can put on hold, acting upon improving our environment will help ensure that not only our actions will work towards a solution but that our future generations will follow our footsteps in repairing our damaged environment.


From the staff at EnvironmentOntario.com