Environmental Articles

9 Ways to Make an Environmental Difference
If every one just made a few minor lifestyle changes we would drastically improve our air quality and our environment.
Landscaping Your Home
There are lots of advantages for proper landscaping around the home, some of these include preventing foundation leaks, improving thermal properties of your home, increasing the value of your property and improving the look of your house.
Prepare Yourself for Energy Blackouts
Prepare yourself for energy blackouts as we experienced in the summer of 2004 in Ontario and surrounding Provinces and United States.
electric thermostat How-to: Cut your Heating Bill in Half
By using all of these tips this winter, you will save yourself significant amounts on your power bill probably in the range of about 50% of what you are paying now. So get to it, and make some changes, use less power and save our environment.
tomato plant tips Gardening Tips for your Tomato Plants
Some good tips for growing and caring for your tomato plants this summer to ensure for a bountiful harvest of tomatoes.