Prepare Yourself for Energy Blackouts

As we all experienced In the summer of 2004, energy blackouts happen, and with our energy system in its current state they will be likely to happen again. It is this reason that I have compiled a list of items that will come in handy during these blackouts.

Flash Light with New Batteries - Keep this in a handy spot and know where to find it. you don't want to have to go searching for it in the dark.

Candles and Matches - use these to light up a room. be sure to use these safely so that no fires start. glow sticks are a good safe alternative to candles

Money - Put aside a stash of cash. When the power goes out so do the bank machines.

Non-perishable Food Items - Always keep a stock of this. the food in your fridge will soon go bad, have a back-up powdered milk is a savior to these times (milk being the first item to go bad).

Freezer Packs - Putting these in your freezer will help extend the life of your food after the power goes out. if its winter put a cooler in a snowbank.

Radio - Battery powered or kinetic, this will keep you informed and entertained.

UPS Power Supply - For all of you computer users out there, this will give you about 2-3 hours of battery life to shut down your PC without loosing saved information or damaging the machine.

Bottled Water - If one utility goes out some times others do at the same time - keep a few day supply of drinking water.

Barbeque - Independent source of heat to cook on.

Generator - If you can afford one, you'll be able to live in style when everyone else is panicing.

This entire list will keep your lives essential needs secured, but simply having any of these items will be at great convienience when the power goes out. Take this list as a guide line and make your own, catered to your specific needs, buy the items and stash them away in a accessible spot. The size of the stockpile is totally up to you, just remember the power could go out for a day, a week, or a month. Will you be prepared?