Alternative Energy

Solar Power

Technology has made solar power generation much more efficient in cost and efficient. For instance, commercial products are becoming more widespread and can be found at places like 'Canadian Tire' for as little as $60.

Solar Power Resources
Solar Energy Society of Canada - Have been providing solar system solutions for cottages, marinas, recreational vehicles, industrial applications and off-grid living for over a decade. - offering anything you need for your solar project.
National Solar Power Research Institute, Inc.

Wind Power

Wind turbines are becoming a more popular solution for augmenting the strain on our power system. Canada’s installed wind energy capacity was 944 MW in April 2006, which is enough to power more than a quarter million homes, this is expected to double over the next five years.

If you would like to see Ontario residents get onboard with more windpower generation please sign the petition at

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Wind Energy Resources
Teachers and students can learn about renewable energy and wind power by building working models vertical axis wind turbines.

Sky generation
Sky Generation's first wind turbine has been installed south of Ferndale, on the Bruce Peninsula.

Bio Energy

Bio energy has been around for a very long time, many common uses of bio energy are, burning renewable fuels such as vegetable oils

Hydro Electric

A dam is the most common example of water being used to generate alternative energies, and Canada is a leader in hydroelectric energy which supplies the majority of our electricity. But with some new breakthroughs in science the ability to fracture water using low electrical current may be a feasible way to tap water for energy as well.

Zero Point Energy

Although zero point energy is still in the research and development stages. I believe there is much hope for this idea and foresee this as becoming the source of power for the future. For more information on this research please visit