Landscaping Your Home

There are lots of advantages for proper landscaping around the home, some of these include preventing foundation leaks, improving thermal properties of your home, increasing the value of your property and improving the look of your house.

Landscaping a home does not necessarily mean that you need to know alot about plant or be an avid gardener with endless time to spend in your garden. Hearty plants that can take alot of neglect are good for your first time gardener.

Plants Retaining Heat for Your Home

Plants like all living things retain heat and can act as great insulators for a home for either insulating from the cold in the winter or absorbing the suns heat to cool your home in the summer.
By planting scrubs on the north side of the home is good for keeping heat on the north side of the house ( the side that gets the least amount of sun.) Evergreens are a good choice because they keep their needles year round and can take a lot of neglect

Investment of Landscaping a Home

Although landscaping can rack up quite a bill especially if you hire somebody to do your planting, it will dramatically increase the value of your home. the amount of trees on a property effect the value of the land and nice landscaping will increase curb side appeal when trying to sell your assess your home.

Preventing Foundation Leaks

Since plants strive off of water having plants near the foundation will help draw moisture away from the house and convert it into energy for the plant to grow. A good spot to grow a garden is close to the rain spouts of the gutters on your home (this is a common place for foundation leaks to happen. Please note this should only be used as a prevention method, if you are experiencing leaks in your foundation consult a home specialist.

Vegetable Garden

This is one of the most rewarding types of gardens that you can plant around your house the benefits are countless from organic food choice to low impact food resources and composting abilities.

container vegetable garden

Even if you dont have much of a place to dig out a garden you can always do container gardens for your vegetables with a little bit of care.

Green Roofs

Green roofs are becoming more popular, essentially they are roofs covered in plants that absorb the heat and rain in the summer and act as a blanket in the winter, they are also designed specific to the climate you are in and require little to no maintenance.

As cities grow and parks and forests diminish we must increase the amount of green space throughout our neighborhoods, by adding trees to your property, you will give home to birds that will eat the bugs and keep your home pest free. Rule of thumb, a healthy garden outside gives no cause for bugs to come inside.

So if you home is lacking greenery, and looking a little dull then taking the time to landscape your home will be worth all the effort. and is great to enjoy.