Where to Recycle your Waste

Recycle Used Computers and Electronics

Old Computers Release many toxins into our land fills. When computers are properly disposed of the can either be fixed up for someone else to use, or the computers that take up space in our landfills can be properly recycled, metals can be recycled and the toxic substances can be controlled.

Computers for Schools Program
Electronics Product Stewardship Canada - EPSC.ca


Reusing Old Bicycles

Bicycles are a large item for landfills, so fixing up and reusing old bicycles only makes sense. Many Programs have been put in place to reuse old bicycles for community bike programs and to donate to less fortunate countries where bicycles are used as a vital tool of everyday life.

Toronto Bike Share Program - Recycling and reusing old bicycles for the city of Toronto

Disposal of Empty Paint Cans

Toronto has now added paint cans to their list of acceptable items to put out in your blue box. For further information check out this Article

Used Goods for Donation

Many of us have goods that are no longer needed but are still good enough for some one else to use. Below is a list of places to donate clothing, furniture, appliances, working electronics, and toys. So go ahead and start cleaning out your garage or attick and clear out some of those old items that you are never going to use.

The Salvation Army
Good Will
Canadian Diabetes Association
Cerebral Palsy