Gardening Tips for your Tomato Plants

Tip 1. Plant Ties

Old cotton bed sheets ripped into strips work great for tying up your tomato plants to steaks, the cotton is soft and will not damage the stem as the plant grows.

Tip 2. DIY Insectiside

A very mild (water and environment friendly dish soap ) solution, is a great way to deter bugs from eating your tomato plants. Simply mix the solution in a spray bottle, and spray them every 2 weeks throughout the time that your tomatoes are turning red. This trick can also be applied to your indoor tropical plants as well.

Tip 3. Double Harvest

If you can start your plants early enough indoors you may be able to have a double harvest from your tomatoes during one summer growing season. The lower part of the plant will start to die off but you will start to see fresh new growth comming off the top of the plant. Just get rid of any leaves that are looking diseased or starting to turn brown. only healthy leaves are going to aid the growth of the plant.

Tip 4. Save Seeds

When you have tomatoes starting to go bad and you can't keep up with canning/eating them save the seeds for next years growing season.

Tip 5. Container Veggies

If you do not have a garden or you live in an apartment tomatoes can be grown to full maturity in large pots. you will want at least a 5 gallon pot. you may be able to use smaller pots if you are growing a cherry tomato variety.

Tip 6. Organic Fertilizers

Tomatoes are really hearty plants and do not need any chemical fertilizers to grow into luscious plants, with bountiful harvests. If you are an avid gardener and would like to have the largest tomatoes on your block, please go the route of organic fertilizers.